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Stand on Liquid

Stand on Liquid, based in Bend, Oregon, is known for its high-quality inflatable SUPs and SUP hardboards for touring, surfing, race, river, family and kids, yoga and fitness, white water, etc. Their trademark: Excellent boards at a fantastic price- performance ratio.

In 2005, the Stand on Liquid crew made their first contact with the Stand-up-Paddling sport while on holiday in Hawaii. Back home, they paddled the local rivers and lakes, and even the Pacific coast of Oregon. Five years later, they opened the Stand on Liquid Board Shop in Bend. After selling boards and accessories for a few years, they went one step further and began making boards themselves. Partners Rob McDonald and Pat Widmer focus on offering creative designs and outstanding performance at a fantastic price/performance ratio.

Their newest designs include product inflatable highlights such as the Newport Air board for fast touring, as well as the inflatable Caspian board ideal for stability during yoga use or waves. In addition, the duo has a designed a variety of hard boards suitable for different uses and preferences. The Wander board is ideal for SUP expeditions, requiring a balance of length, stability, and speed, whereas the Caspian All Round board is the most versatile and suitable for all skill levels and uses.