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Six Moon Designs

Six Moon Designs, based in Portland, Oregon, is one of the leading specialists in ultralight yet affordable tents as well as camping and hiking equipment for demanding backpackers. Ron Moak, an avid hiker always looking for innovative ways to make outdoor experiences more enjoyable with high-quality, lightweight, yet highly effective equipment, founded six Moon Designs on the Pacific Crest Trail. This desire roots from Ron's own experience and need of ultra-light equipment required for his tours, which was not available at the time. In 2002, Ron introduced his first product, the Europe Tent, a 33 oz. single-wall Silnylon tent. The backpacking community was thrilled and quickly adopted the lightweight design. Other innovative Six Moon Designs products soon followed, including the 3-in-1 Gatewood Cape, which can be used as a rain poncho, tent or luggage protection, as well as the groundbreaking frameless and affordable Starlite Pack, the adaptive and comfortable Minimalist trail backpack and most recently the stormproof and award-winning Lunar Solo Tent.

Six Moon Designs is at the forefront of ultralight technology and manufactures high quality tents, shelters, backpacks and other accessories to bring more people outdoors and engage them in outdoor activities.