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Mazama Designs

Mazama, named after Mt. Mazama on the world-famous Crater Lake in Oregon, was founded by a group of outdoor enthusiasts and athletes. It all started with a bicycle accident caused by an accident with a water bottle. The annoyance of the accident and the search for the ideal drinking system on the road led to the development of Mazama Designs' first product: a pump-assisted supply system for bikers and runners. Over the years, Mazama has continuously developed new drinking systems for outdoor and sports. Today, the company offers one of the most innovative and comprehensive ranges of hydration systems and accessories on the market. Whether it's a walk around the block or an adventure in the wilderness—the products are practical, high-quality yet affordable. From hydration packs to drinking reservoirs and practical water bottles to cleaning accessories, Mazama Designs presents the full range of hydration on tour.