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Earthwell® designs and produces the highest quality, premium finished stainless steel drinkware imaginable—top to bottom, inside and out. Earthwell products are made for active outdoor adventurers who play hard, push boundaries, and place a high value on design, function, performance, durability, and respect for our shared planet.

The brand is bound by a love for the outdoors and draws its inspiration from the natural world and accordingly designs products that inspire adventurers to make responsible conscious decisions for their community and planet. Earthwell is a member of 1% for the planet and pledges 1% of each sale to environmental nonprofits and charities.

Its founders Scott Rolfson and Gary Sutokavy are committed to contributing to society and creating a more sustainable outdoor experience with their variety of roasters, cups and Kewler™ bottles. The Templock™ on Earthwell products can keep water cooled for up to 72 hours, beer cold up to 32 hours and hot drinks hot up to 20.