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Belmont Blanket

Belmont Blanket designs and develops products that meet the contemporary adventurer's needs. The company is committed to crafting contemporary designs incorporating authentic craftsmanship in Portland, Oregon. The Belmont Blanket waterproof and washable outdoor blankets in their timeless design, made of high-quality fabrics triggered the new burritoing trend. The blankets from Belmont Blankets are from sustainable and certified manufactory production. Each blanket is custom cut in Oregon and sewn from waterproof and breathable specialized fabrics. Belmont Blanket also features the stylish and waterproof Adventure Cape by former Nike and adidas designer Heather Treadway. These high-quality blankets, capes and accessories make burritoing a great experience. Their most coveted product is the outdoor blanket, which is available in three varieties. Belmont Blanket has also shown heart for dogs and has developed their own #Adventuredog collection.